TOS Skin | Natural Skincare That Works

From the vast marine seas to your haven at home,
we humbly deliver medical-grade skincare made from extracts of natural ingredients.

Why TOS Skin?

We only use clean and natural ingredients which gently targets skin problems for most skin types.

Key Ingredients

Each ingredient is carefully selected, tested in the lab over a long period of time to ensure that our formulation provides the best solution for your skin.


30 Days Skin Program

Not sure if it works for you?

Give our routine a try
and see results in just 30 days.

Begin your journey to clean & natural beauty today.

Founder's Journey

" They say the path to success begins with hardship, and I couldn't agree more."

Two years ago, I developed severe eczema on my hands. Dealing with both the physical pain and low self-esteem caused by the unsightly scarring wasn't easy.

During this time, I realised there were so many others who also suffered from similar skin conditions, and in desperate search of help.

Fast forward two years, here we are today.
I hope you discover the same joy and freedom I experienced.


Our Intensive Marine Concentrate is dermatologically tested for being non-irritant and also suitable to be used on irritated, sensitive skin as well as post treatment skin. 

Yes you can. The Intensive Marine Concentrate can be use on its own or incorporate into your daily regime. 

Apply Intensive Marine Concentrate on cleansed skin first, follow by your own skincare products.

You can use twice a day as per usual skincare routine or a few times a day on affected skin area or post treatment skin.

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