Beyond Probiotics: Why Postbiotics are the Next Big Thing in Skincare

We’ve all heard of probiotics and then some with prebiotics. But have you heard of postbiotics? The latest ingredient that is all the rage in the skincare industry, offering various benefits to the skin.

What are postbiotics, really?

Postbiotics, unlike probiotics, are the metabolic end-products that are left behind after probiotic bacteria have fermented. These metabolic by-products have been found to have a number of benefits for the skin.  Giving you a radiant glow, fighting signs of aging, and transforming the skin from within to name a few.

A source of nutrition for your skin

The benefit of postbiotics comes from the fact that it can act as a source of nutrition for the skin. Containing vitamins, proteins and minerals, postbiotics not only helps suppress the overgrowth of bacteria, but also balances and reinforce the skins’ microbiome. 
A healthy microbiome is essential for maintaining healthy skin, and postbiotics help to keep this delicate balance in check. They serve as a shield against environmental factors such as free radicals, UV radiation and pollution. Moreover, they have been shown to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture, reduce inflammation, and boost collagen production, which is essential for a youthful appearance. 

Aids in anti-ageing by transforming your skin from within

UV-induced damage is one of the reasons why our skin ages. Additionally, as we age, our skin naturally loses collagen, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Postbiotics has the ability to protect the skin against such damage, fighting this process by stimulating collagen production and improving the skin’s health.

Natural microbiomes to promote healthy skin and a radiant complexion

Postbiotics work by transforming the skin from within, improving its natural microbiome and reducing the risk of skin problems. They help to maintain the skin’s natural defences and improve its ability to retain moisture, promoting a healthy, radiant complexion.

To maintain a healthy complexion, it is crucial to incorporate a gentle cleansing routine that effectively removes any residual impurities, sebum, and makeup from the skin’s surface. TOS Skin’s Postbiotic Marine Cleanser is an effective skincare product that combines the benefits of postbiotics with the nourishing properties of the ocean. This cleanser helps to regulate the skin’s natural microbiome, promoting healthy skin and a radiant complexion.

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