Problem solving women: From bras for tweenies to treating eczema

The itch she needed to scratch badly

Ms Traslin Tan developed chronic eczema a few months after giving birth to her daughter and they would develop on her hands.

“They are the worst to treat because we use our hands constantly. The eczema was extremely itchy and painful at the same time. The wounds cracked and oozed and it affected me badly — both physically and emotionally,” she says.

Ms Tan says she was prescribed antibiotics soon after giving birth and believed the course had “disrupted some sort of equilibrium in my body, affecting my immune system”.

“It just happened out of the blue. I started reacting to certain foods and my lips would swell. Multiple painful splits would develop in the corners of my mouth a day after and the skin on fingers cracked too. It took me a few weeks to actually zoom in on my food triggers. They include MSG (monosodium glutamate), overly salted foods, prawns and crabs,” she tells TheHomeGround Asia, adding that her condition made eating out difficult and her hands were in constant pain.